2 Chinese Tried to sell Their Kidneys for iPHONE S6

BEIJING:Two Chinese men have attempted to sell their kidneys in order to purchase I PHONE S6.Both are friends, named woo and Hoyoung.

Media reports stated that the man, woo, lives in Zhejiang, the eastern costal province of China. He had decided to sell his kidney on the advice of his friend.

According to details, Woo wanted to take IPHONE S6 but he didn’t have required money to buy it. During this, his friend Hoyoung advised him to sell their 1 kidney in order to get the amount for IPHONE S6.

After that they contacted to the illegal agent for kidney purchase and sell suddenly woo withdrew from this deal and didn’t sell his kidney but his friend still wanted to sell his kidney, local news agency reported.

According to the sources, when woo abandoned the idea he called the police and gave him all the information about his friend.Authorities told, `when police tried to arrest him, he was fleeing towards unidentified place. ‘A police officer said that, ‘we are trying to detain him but unfortunately didn’t get any success yet.` A local newspaper said about woo that,`he is very upset and worried for his friend.