According to Identity Transgender Inmates to Be Integrated In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO: A transgender women will be housed with other females in San Francisco’s jail system, by the end of this year according to the new policy.

This new policy has announced by San Francisco Sheriff’s Rose Mirkarimi in a press release on Thursday. The purpose of this approach is to covers inmates who have not had gender confirmation surgery.
The Union which is representing Sheriff’s deputies and an advocate of transgender rights has found some weak points and flaws with the plan despite Sheriff’s announcement.

According to media Transgender women will start participating in programs such as high level School classes and substance abuse group with other females. After the jail’s staff new training, these inmates will go towards women’s facilities by the end of the year.

Mirkarimi told the local news paper, “the transgender people are marginalized on the roads and open air areas of united state of America, so that’s not difficult to gather how that’s magnified in prisons and jails.“
“Its inherently dehumanizing. “mirkarimi added during talking with media.

The sources said that there are 6 transgender women segregated on the floor of the city‘s Hall of justice, which also had medium –and maximum- security male inmates.