Barack Obama Reaches Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA: After the historical visit of Kenya, the President of United States of America, Barack Obama has reached in the second African country, Ethiopia, on late Sunday. Obama is the first US President who has visited the second populated country of African region for two days.

The presidential plan of American air force landed Addis Ababa International airport on Sunday in the capital of Ethiopia where Obama was warmly welcomed by the Prime Minster of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn and with flowers presented by little girls. The Obama’s posters were pasted on the walls of the city, locals raised the US flags and state FM played a welcome song for him with the lyrics of “Barack Obama welcome to Ethiopia”, media reported.

In his 2 days visit, he will hold meeting with the Prime Minster of Ethiopia, high officials and civil society of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa including the visit of African Union where Obama will address to AU members for the first time in the whole history of USA. In this way, he will become the first American president who will address to African Union at its Headquarters.

Ethiopia has very inappropriate and worst reputation on human rights however it’s a key ally of USA in counter terrorism and efforts to save peace pact in south Sudan. On early Sunday, Barack Obama also praised Kenya in his last speech at Kenyan capital Nairobi, he said that, Kenya had a huge amount of beauty which I was not able to discover only in 2 days. Kenya is an ecosystem which is connected with Tanzania and Uganda, he added.