Circular design and elegant, the new smart watch features an original and innovative rotating bezel that extends the experience. Joining technology and tradition, the Samsung S2 Gear goes a step further on existing devices wrist demonstrating that it is possible to be connected and, in turn, enjoy an elegant product that puts you abreast of new technologies. The new Samsung smart watch with circular design comes to World this week getting ready to offer a way to interact amazing and very original.

Because this is undoubtedly one of the distinguishing points of “Smart Watch” that incorporates innovative rotating bezel that allows which can access to different functionalities. It has two buttons (Back and Home) located on the side that resemble conventional watches. Its handling is simple and intuitive. The 1.2 inch screen is capable of generating a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels (302 ppi). Inside rests a dual-core processor optimized for all kinds of tasks.

The user of Gear S2 can receive notifications from their social networking profiles or quickly view information about events or weather forecasts. Includes, among other things, a series of practical features such as a heart rate monitor and health services designed to monitor your physical activity or remind you of the need to hydrate.

Has the Smart things, aimed at controlling application housework. Thus, the user can handle many of the appliances in your home where you are, such as the management of lighting or thermostat. Write messages, answer calls directly and access numerous applications is a simple task. It also incorporates the NFC -Near field communication- system that allows payments or connects to other electronic devices that support this technology.

The new clock connected Samsung, and offer a refined design, it is very light, with just 11.4 millimeters thick and very resistant to scratches, because the glass is made ​​with Gorilla Glass technology 3 and IP68, which guarantees its resistance to water splashes and dust. With WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity , the device moves with the operating system Android Wear allowing synchronized with all Android phones from version 4.4 and RAM from 1.5 GB or higher.

Another salient feature of Gear S2 is its long battery life, which promises a range of up to three days and an ultra-saving mode. As for its charging system, this is through an ultra-fast wireless base, so in minutes you can recharge your battery in a comfortable way.

Gear Samsung S2 is available with body in dark gray and dark gray strap, and silver body with white belt. The classic model for users, who prefer a more traditional design, is available in black body and leather strap. Both the strap and the watch can be changed easily to enjoy a personalized experience and adapt to the preferences of each user.