Google Has A New Plan To Speed Up The Mobile Web

Google has unveiled its new open source Incentive Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), in order to improve the performance of mobile web pages.
The smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we access information. “But the mobile Web can still be a frustrating experience when, sometimes, the supercomputer that you have in your hands takes longer to open a web page that when you were using a PC in 2004,” said Google in the launch event of the new initiative.
The slowness of loading content is the subject of concern by media and publishers. “Every time a page takes a long time to open,” said Google, “the editors and readers lose the opportunity to earn income through advertising or subscriptions.
Slow loading of content also affects advertisers because it produces “a loss of interest by the audience,” the company added.
The project is based on HTML AMP, a new open format born existing web technology, which allows Web sites to create a lighter versions of standard web pages. Thus, whether the content is video, animation, graphics or ads, these loaded instantly. In addition, the implemented code works on multiple platforms and devices, as indicated by the company.