Hack Your Own Car, Tablet and Smart TV – US Government.

The library of congress granted set of copyright exemptions and allows the owners of cars, tablets and smart TV to tinker with their devices without violating the copyright law. It allows the user to install the third party.

After every three years, the US copyright office- a division of the library of congress- meets for hear petitions and review the DMCA provision 1201.

It is the anti circumvention part of the law that had, in the past made it illegal to unlock your smartphone from its carrier and helped corporations to protect copyrighted material.

The exemptions also include bypassing copyright protection methods for legally obtained video games that require authentication with a server that is no longer online. Without developer support, both customers and game historians have been unable to easily play or preserve a title with such protections in a museum or for academic study. You cannot circumvent these game protections with massively multiplayer online games, the Library of Congress confirmed, as those games tend to contain material stored directly on a company’s server.

This include an exemption for teachers, allowing them to circumvent access control on DVDs so they can gathers clips from several copyrighted works for educational purpose.