Islamic State Executes 9 people Over Sodomy

IRAQ: The militant group Islamic state has executed nine gay men under the allegations of engaging in sodomy.

According to the local website’s posted story ‘The militants of extremist group gave the punishment to nine gays and threw them from a tall tower in front of public on charges of sexual perversion. The ceremony was held in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul”.

Anonymous sources said that IS gathered a number of citizens in the city to witness the implementation of judgment. The website added that this act was took place on August 23.

U.S state department‘s spokesperson John Kirby said that He has got the news about the reported executions. Kirby also said that we have seen all the news and reports regarding them and deeply troubled by that and if it’s real than it would be the one more addition of barbarity of this extremist group.

Media said that this incident has happened a day before the meeting of UN Security Council which was held to discuss the continued persecution of Iraqis and Syrians by Islamic state who live under its control.

The Islamic state has controlled over various parts of Syria and Iraq since June 2014. They believe that there should be single Arab state under one rule, media added.