Muslim Iranian, Afghan Refugees Changed Their Religion in Germany

BERLIN:Muslim refugees, belonging to Iran and Afghanistan are accepting the Christianity as their religion and leaving the Islam in Germany.

Media reported that the one of Iranian, Muhammad Ali Zonoobi has recently converted to Christianity from Islam. Zonoobi bends his head in the church and in front of priest as priest pours water over his black hairs.he asked to Zonoobi that “will you leave devil and evil deeds?, will you leave the Islam?“,“Yes“, Zonoobi replied positively, reports stated . Muhammad new name is now Martin , he will no longer Muslim after converting in Christianity as his religion, a local news paper said.

A story of Zonoobi has started 5 months ago when he came in Germany with his wife and 2 children. He is one of hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers who have converted into Christianity at the evangelical Trinity church in a leafy Berlin neighbourhood, newspaper added.

Martens said , “why are the people coming here again and again ? they just want to get asylum and have some kind of hope towards their asylum,I ,m calling them to join us.“ According to news agency , Most said their decision was based on belief, but one young Iranian woman said she was convinced most people had joined the church only to improve their chances for asylum.