Obama Promises Investigation Msf Hospital Bombing

Twelve employees and seven patient killed by the US military in MSF hospital attack. Obama promised “a thorough investigation ‘. MSF refuses to describe what happened as ‘collateral damage’, as it did NATO.

President Obama showed “profound condolences” after Saturday’s attack which killed 12 employees of MSF-seven patients, including three children, but said he will await the results of the investigation “before having a final judgment on the circumstances of this tragedy.” That’s not the first attack of NATO forces, there are numbers of attacks has been fired on Innocent civilians of Afghanistan. Due to this act NATO has lost believes of common people. As Obama has ordered for investigation but the thing is that what result would come from these inquires as we know nothing would be seen before from that types of result.

NATO, which has 13,000 troops in Afghanistan, including 10,000 Americans, labeled the incident of “collateral damage” that could have been caused by a US aircraft bombing, aimed at Taliban insurgents. The Afghan army launched an offensive Tuesday against the Taliban who had conquered Kunduz (north) on Monday.

The Taliban managed to take the city in just a few hours on Monday, achieving his greatest victory since the fall of his regime in 2001. Security forces showed once again the difficulties to contain the Islamist fighters.

This Sunday, after six days of fighting, calm seemed to have returned to the “Taliban free” city, according to Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, the provincial police spokesman.