Pakistan Bans Militant Group ISIS

Pakistan has banned militant group IS after the recommendation of U.N and Intelligence reports. The notification has been released by the federal interior ministry on Thursday.

According to the notification the terrorist Organization IS or daesh will never be allowed  to  operate from Pakistan either directly or indirectly, while  any other outlawed formed in the similar names would also be banned.

Intelligence report stated that `there is some evidence which shows that IS can do terrorists activities in the different cities of Pakistan with the help of other outlawed organization. There is no head of IS in Pakistan but its few supporters exists there. `

The Officials said that the decision was taken on the recommendation of Foreign Office and under the U.N sanctions regime. The terrorist group has made major inroads into Afghanistan and to a lesser extent also in the tribal areas of Pakistan, sources said.

Media reports shows that the graffiti and the posters have often appeared in the different areas of Pakistan but government strictly denied the presence of this group in Pakistan.