Patreon Undergoes A ‘Hack’ And Data Are Exposed On The Web

patreon attack

The portal ‘crowdfunding’ Patreon has suffered unauthorized access to its platform that has resulted in the access filter ‘online’ data users. It’s a huge blunder for users because everything is on cyber-attack like credit cards detail and other things which necessary for the users.

The security breach allowed access to the portal database of users, so they agreed to names, e-mail, messaging and shipping addresses, as the company explained in a statement on its website.

Data from credit cards, however, are not stored on the server, as explained, have not been compromised and despite the ‘hacking’ other sensitive data such as Passwords, social security, and Tax Information.

From Patreon they have reported that they took measures from the moment they learned of the unauthorized access to your database access, which are investigating what happened , for what they have hired a security company to perform an audit and implement new tools and practices to ensure the safety of the platform.

For now, users have only advised them to change the password for access.