Suicide over martyrium


Russian serviceman Vadim comitt suicide at syrian airbase. Defence ministry confirms.

A Russian serviceman, Vadim has committed suicide at an airbase in Syria. The Russian defence ministry said that the reason of this incident was breakup of Vadim with his girl friend. They concluded this decision on the basis of the call and messages record of his phone. The incident took place at Khmemim airbase in Latakia. According to ministry Vadim was a technical specialist soldier at the base.
On the other hand after receiving the body of Vadim his parents were saying that Vadim wad absolutely good on saturday, he can’t commit suicide.
Svetlana Kostenko (Vadim’s mother) said in an interview, ” i will never believe this version (suicide). We spoke everyday by a phone for half an hour. ( on saturday) he was cheerful, happy and he laughed.”
A question mark on the investigation…!