The Mystery of the Fourth Planet : is There Life on Mars

American researchers have found water on Mars. Streams of salt water seasonally appear and quickly vanish, but the fact of their existence may indicate the presence of the simplest forms of life on the Red Planet. The history of Mars exploration and the secrets of the fourth planet reported.

None of celestial bodies except the moon and the sun never bothered mankind as Mars. The Red Planet, named after the Roman god of war, fired the minds of many generations. In ancient times, the red brilliance of Mars was considered a harbinger of terrible troubles and wars. In the Roman Empire, even successful military campaigns linked to favor insidious and capricious God.

While examine the Red Planet Mars rovers Opportunity and Curiosity, and along with astronomers, not leaving the cozy earth observatory. It is thanks to their research it was concluded that the presence of seasonal water flows on Mars.However, you must understand that mankind cannot live on Mars. Thanks to the efforts of science fiction projects Martian cities were born under a glass cover. To realize such a daring idea until no one dared.

The peak of courage is a statement of Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitry Rogozin on the colonization of the Moon. A Mars … Is there life on Mars, if there is life on Mars – will be another decade before the human footsteps on a sandy Martian soil. The Red Planet has enough mysteries, which are looking for their researchers.