US FDA Approves Women’s Libido Drug With Strong Warning

NEW YORK: The health regulators in United States have approved the drug to treat low sexual desire in women with strong warning. The health regulators have also warned about potentially low blood pressure and fainting side effects if the pink pills are taken with alcohol.

According to US Food and Drug Administration, the drug is made by Sprout Pharmaceuticals and it will be sold under Addyi brand name. They further said the pill will only be available through trained professional because of its sensitivity and safety issues. The drug is made for those whose lack of sexual need bring distress among them.

The women have to take the pills daily to overcome hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The chemical name of the drug is Flibanserin and its nick name is female Viagra. The Flibanserin was first developed by Germany’s Boehringer Ingelheim and the US FDA had rejected it twice as it did not outweigh the risks.

As its side effects are high, the pills will come in the market with “boxed warning’ particularly for those women with liver impairment and use alcohol with it. The likely price of the drug is about 30 to 75 dollars, however, it has not been officially announced.