US Man Stops 660-Pound Wife To Overcome Weight

BOSTON: A man in United States stopped his 660-pound wife for seven years to overcome weight and even provided her unhealthy food options so that she could not leave him after losing weight.

Bettie Jo, resident of Boston, Texas, increased her weight after she was assaulted at the age of 13.  She thought if she was strong and healthy she might have saved herself from this incident.

At the age of 17, when she was over 400 pounds, Bettie met Mr Josh and they got married. He cares her wife 24/7.

The woman said, after the assault she started to hate life and also tried to commit suicide.

At present, Bettie Jo is 660 pounds in weight and even she relied on her husband to go for a bathing and household shopping.

Bettie’s husband Mr Josh, stopped her to reduce weight for seven years in a fear if she became slim she didn’t need him anymore and she might leave him.

Bettie said after seven years, she has convinced her husband for overcoming her weight.

Nearly one-third (34 per cent) adults in the United States are obese. Obesity increases the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes and some kind of cancer.

More than 150 billion dollars are spent as estimated medical cost on obesity in the US per year.

  • I came here to troll but this is actually pretty sad.

  • Paul

    Your phrasing is horrible. You keep on saying “Us man stops 660 lb woman” “A man in United States stopped his 660-pound wife” “Mr Josh, stopped her to reduce weight”

    Stopped what? Encouraged her to lose weight? Prevented her from working? Spoon fed her tons of food?