Women Registered To Vote First Time In Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: Finally, women got the right of casting vote and registered for elections first time in the 100 year history of modern Saudi Arabia. They will also be able to participate in election as a candidate.

According to the foreign news agency, women will finally get a chance to cast their votes and contest elections in Saudi Arabia, scheduled in December this year.

The media stated that, in 2011, official announcement was made by the King Abdullah regarding this issue and now it will eventually be put to an effect.

A report of local news paper said that the women have started to register themselves in order to participate in upcoming local elections as voter and contestant in Saudi Arabia. Jamal Al-Saadi and Safinaz Abu Al-Shamat have become the first ladies to register as voters.

This event is likely to give a major boost to the limited rights of the women. The newspaper quoted the officials saying, “It is significant milestone towards participation based society.”

  • James

    Equality and fairness for all:)

  • Now they just need elections that mean something.